Update On Caleb

I traveled to Kampala on Sunday for Calebs Dr. Appt. Dr. Peter saw Caleb and confirmed through CT scan Caleb has Sagattal Craniosynostosis. Meaning his soft spot on the top of his head closed way to early, as did the suture that runs from the top of the nose to the soft spot on top middle top of his head. This means that the front of Calebs head can not expand as his brain grows. The back of his head is getting longer and wider to compensate for the brain growth. A ridge has formed on the top of Calebs head, due to the suture closing to soon. The CT scan showed small amounts of cranial pressure which allows us a little time to find the best surgical option for him.

We are working with the high courts and the embassy to fast track his adoption so we can apply for an emergency medical visa. We need the courts to approve an emergency hearing and the embassy to grant a medical visa.

We don’t have insurance for caleb so we do ask for prayers for God to meet the need miraculous for him. We know God can do all things. If we cannot find a way to have surgery done in the states we will have to find options in Uganda. We have researched hospitals but at this point we don’t feel comfortable with any of them. One reason is they don’t do helmets to reshape the head, after surgery, where it has been compromised, so Calebs head will always be deformed. We don’t want that for him. So please pray God works out all the details that need to come together.

I’m attaching sample photos of sagattal craniosynostosis and you will see with this type there is no suture, a cracked line down the forehead nor is there a open spot on the top of the head. Where the yellow and red circles are there should be a crack like you see in the other places on the skull. There should also be an opening for the soft spot.

I’m also adding a few photos of caleb’s head so you can see the narrow front of his head and the ridge of his head. Please be praying for me as I listen to Gods leading and that He opens every door that needs to be open and closes every door that needs to be closed.

If you would like give towards Calebs medical care please read below. We have had a donor cover his current expenses for the CT scan, travel and visa expenses.

We will need to cover the cost of surgery and travel no matter where he has the surgery done. You may make a donation as either a one time donation or by becoming a monthly supporter click the “give” link above and it will take you to our donations page.

You can also mail donations to Woven2Gether , P.O. Box 216, Haugen, WI 54841.

Thank you again for all your prayers, love and support.

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One thought on “Update On Caleb

  1. Dear WOVEN2GETHER! Have observe with high humility on how diligently you are carrying out the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ upon the needy especially the down cast, helpless, sick, loss soul etc. May GOD harken to your voice of prayer for CALEB and your voice reach and touch the entire world and stir them to support woven2gether ministry. I would like to encourage woven2gether that, the secret of healing is hiden from doctors But true healing comes from GOD and where mans knowledge, wisdom ends or is limited GOD will always take CONTROL. I believe to that as you sought for Caleb medical support, JESUS is watching and @ the same time saying that ” Here Iam” whoever needs healing should come to me(JESUS) If you could search me, you will find me. May God used you as a point of contact to bring true healing upon Caleb and many others that may pass through your hand in JESUS MIGHTY NAME EMEN Thanks Jehoshaphat

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