1 John 5:15 

15 And if we know [for a fact, as indeed we do] that He hears and listens to us in whatever we ask, we [also] know [with settled and absolute knowledge] that we have [granted to us] the requests which we have asked from Him.

We are believing God to meet our every need.


  1. That he would bring godly, faithfilled, board members to our team
  2. Staff / volunteers for Woven2Gether in Uganda
  3. Godly, trustworthy, faith filled accountant to help with donations and newletters on the u.s. side.
  4. Housing for our family
  5. Buyer for our house. Answered: WE sold our home in August 2020
  6. A vehicle for our family and funds to purchase it. ANSWERED: WE WERE ABLE TO BUY A CAR
  8. Favor, humility, wisdom, discernment and complete surrender as we serve God
  9. That we have a heart to love Him above all else and stand strong in our faith no matter what persecution we face.
  10. That we stand strong against opposition and trust the Lord to fight on our behalf as we pray for those who persecute and challenge us.
  11. For the mothers who have been impacted by abortion and the mothers that God will send to us who are facing the challenges of unplanned pregnancy.
  12. For the men of Uganda that their hearts will be softened to hear the gospel.
  13. For trustworthy, God fearing guards for our home and for the pregnancy center
  14. For our children: as they prepare to leave the United States and live in Uganda. There are many changes ahead for them. For Preston, Isaac and Sean, Tyler and Brianna, that they would come to know Gods love for them and that they would devote their lives to Jesus. Also, as they have to leave their brother Tyler for the first time that they would be comforted by God. They are very close and we are praying that God will sustain their relationship as we move. For their hearts as they have to process the losses they will have to experience due to moving but also that they would be able to see and celebrate the good things that God has in store for them. Please pray for our oldest son Tyler, who will be remaining in the states and will have to adjust to his family being so far away for the first time in his life. That God shows Tyler that He is his comfort and strength. For our hearts as we move away from him for the first time in our lives. We can’t imagine not doing life with him near by. Please pray and war for our daughter Brianna who is currently estranged from us, for the past 2.5 years. That God would bring healing to our family and restore our relationship with her one day.
  15. For our parents and our family as we adjust to not being near them once again. We are thankful for all the different ways we will still be able to stay in touch with all of our loved ones while we are away.
  16. For our house help if God so wishes, for our family and for the pregnancy center. That God would bring us the women that He has already set apart and that we would be able to help them fulfill the calling God has on their lives.
  17. That God will raise up men of God, warriors who will fight for righteousness and holiness. Men that will, in the strength of Christ, wage war against generational strongholds of polygamy, abuse, abandonment, alcoholism and unemployment. We declare that these men will come to know Gods love for them, who they are in Christ and that they will raise up to change their families and change the nation for Christ.
  18. That we would be able to find a different vehicle that is higher up from the ground. The car we have cannot pass through some of the roads that we need to travel so we need to look for an SUV.
  19. For a building for the crisis pregnancy help center
  20. For favor from the Ugandan Government as we do research and look to partner with different organizations and churches.
  21. That we would find an acholi/Luo language teacher to teach us the local language