Showing Love.

Reviving Hope.

Saving Lives.

Restoring Families

Changing Nations.



In the beginning God revealed His love to us for the people of Uganda. God broke our hearts for the women and girls who were being faced with challenges of unplanned pregnancies. Our hearts were touched, we knew we were being called to bring love and hope to these women and girls. God’s heart is to heal the heart of the crisis, the root causes, of abortion & baby abandonment in Uganda, which is loss of identity and value. We now know, that God’s heart, and our heart is to restore the identity and value of life in all the men, women, and children of Uganda, through the love of Jesus Christ one heart and one person at a time. 

Together, we will see hope revived, lives saved, families restored, cities changed, who will transform Uganda and the ends of the earth.


We offer hope, in love, to those faced with unplanned or crisis pregnancy. We also offer help to post abortive women so they can heal.


We know that teaching the word of God is the most important thing we can ever do. Along side of the gospel we educate the communities about the value of life, abstinence, biblical marriage, families, and parenting, and continuing Education for child moms.


Our heart is to see every man, woman and child come to know who they are in Jesus Christ. We desire for everyone to know their created value and to walk in love, caring for others with the love of God and to share the hope they have received, to a hurting world.