We offer opportunities to both expecting mothers and fathers and mothers and fathers who already have children and want to grow in their parenting skills, marriage relationships, faith, and family relationships.

While our clients better their lives through our many educational opportunites they also have the ability to earn points that are redeemable for clothing, food, garden seeds, baby items and so much more. Our hope is the restore the value and dignity of our clients who have suffered great loss during the civil war.

We believe that hope, believing in someone, even if they don’t believe in themselves can help them see that they are valuable, created to bring good to this world, through the gifts and talents God has given them.

One example of what we will be doing is meeting with men on the streets who drink during the day, as an after effect of the war. They lost most of everything they had during the war. Their lands, their homes, their crops, their animals. With no money to repurchase their losses they have lost their hope, dignity and value. We, however, believe that they are worth meeting them in their darkness, and be able to love them with the love of Christ and watch God restore all that was lost. As we meet with them on the streets we too will give them points just for not walking away. Then we will allow them to pick a meal to be delivered to their families. We will go with them to deliver the meal and share with their family, how hard they worked to provide this meal for them. Something a lot of men haven’t done for a very long time.

We are believing God to start rebuilding hope in their hearts so that they will continue to attend our sessions and gradually even come to the center to receive extra classes on their own free will to earn additional points to provide for their families needs.

We are believing God that as the men come into relationship with Jesus, they will be the ones that lead the transformation of the post war culture in Uganda. Please be praying specifically for the men of Gulu, Uganda where we will be starting the ministry. God is about to move mightily in Gulu and across Uganda, and the world.