God Always Glorifies Himself When Answering Prayers

We had asked for prayers awhile back regarding some things that were happening. Our car engine blew due to bad oil being put in it at the local shop. Just a few days before that my macbook hard drive failed, leaving me without a work computer because when we put a new hard drive in we couldn’t get the updates on the apps because my computer was outdate. So none of my work opened on my computer. I didn’t know what I was going to do.

Through your prayers a couple we know offered to pay for the engine replacement on the car. We were able to have a mechanic we know bring a engine from the capital city on a bus and replace the engine in Gulu where we live. The car is now up and running. God was able to save costs due to our friend being willing to find a great used engine, transport the engine to Gulu instead of transporting the car to the capital and also his being willing to travel during the night both trips so we didn’t have to pay hotel and meal costs for three days. He was truly a blessing to us. So our car is running and we saved over 30% on costs. God is so good!

Then our computer needed to be replaced. I was looking on facebook for a used one and found a good deal. I even messaged my son and asked him to go look at it. Then God said to me, “your not gonna wait for your miracle this time?” I was like, “what?” So I decided to wait for God to provide instead of trying to provide for myself. In the midst of waiting my father-in-law passed away so I had to head back to the states. On the plane ride back to Wisconsin, a dear friend, messaged me and said that she wanted to pay for a brand new macbook so I wouldn’t have to worry about it, with everything else I have going on. I wept like a baby on that plane ride. I had wondered what I had been doing wrong that all these things were happening to me while I was alone in Uganda. Piece by piece God started putting things back together using the body of Christ.

A few days before I was to leave for Uganda, we went to Best Buy in Eau Claire to find a macbook. We looked for a long time to make sure we got a good deal but also got a computer that would be great for the needs of Woven2Gether. We found one we loved but the store didn’t have it in stock. So we spent the next hour on our phones trying to find one. The time was too short to have anyone ship it. I was so frustrated because neither of our phones would get service so looking things up was proving to be impossible. I was so frustrated. Why wouldn’t either of our phones work. Ugh. We had our son Isaac look up things from his house since his phone was working. Research that should have taken ten minutes took an hour. Not happy. So we went back into the store, as we had to sit in the parking lot to try to get reception. We decided to chance it by putting the one in Edina on hold and we would pick it up on the way to the airport, hoping they would actually still have it. They ways things were going it wasn’t to encouraging.

So our check out man, went to look it up on the Best Buy system so we could buy it and he was completely taken back. He kept saying, “no way, no way.” Then he told us to wait there he had something he needed to check on. He was in disbelief as he walked away. We weren’t sure what was happening. He came back with a box. He then told us when he went to order from Edina it showed there was one, the exact one we wanted, in the store. He explained that he checked over and over again for it and it wasn’t there, not even 10 minutes before that. It was a return but had been checked over by their technicians. Because it was an “open box” item they sell them at a discounted price. $260 dollar discount. Plus it was on sale for $400 off the list price. We looked it over and there wasn’t even a finger print on it. It was amazing.

Todd looked at me and asked me, “Did you pray?” I had to be honest. I had not. So I told him, No I didn’t pray. Then out of no-where our check out guy said, “I prayed”. He explained that after we had shared what we do in Uganda he had begun praying that God would help us find a computer before I had to leave. He was blown away by this miracle. He was truly in shock. We thanked him for praying and left with this gift from heaven. Today our faith and the cashiers faith were increased by the mighty move of God to make things happen that we cannot. If our internet had worked we wouldn’t have waited for that hour at the store. If we hadn’t waited for that hour we would have missed that computer. Sometimes God slows us down because our miracle is on the way and He doesn’t want us to miss it! God is so so good, all the time.

God is faithful in our storms. Even before the storm comes He has made a way through it. It wouldn’t be possible without the body of Christ though. He answers prayers through us. We are the vessels that He uses. So thank you to the families that made the care repairs and computer miracles happen. Because you were faithful to be His hands and Feet we were able to see two miracles happen. Thank you for letting God work through you.

If you would like to partner with us, we would love to have you as part of our family. You can donate buy pressing the “GIVE” button, it will take you to paypal. You can also send donations to: Woven2Gether, P.O. Box 216 Haugen, WI 54841.

Thank you to those who already support us in prayer and finances. This is the fruit of your giving. We couldnt’ be here without you!

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4 thoughts on “God Always Glorifies Himself When Answering Prayers

  1. I’ll never understand why we continue to trust in our own efforts. Running around trying to figure things out whether physically or in our minds. Our daddy must think, “You silly child. Why didn’t you trust me and ask for my guidance? I own it all and I know whats best for everyone in this situation. Come to me instead of wasting time and energy. ”
    We all do it Jen. No matter how “mature in the faith” we are. In reading this I was convicted and bawled like a baby for doing this in my current situation as well. Thank you fir not being prideful and confessing your own humanness. Like the sweet cashier, I know people are praying for me when I’m in my own mind “figuring things out”. Duh. Praying we both rest in the faithful One, fot it is He who holds it all together for our good and His glory.

  2. How Good is our God? Do you think He sometimes has to chuckle at our ineptness in trying to work things out on our own? He had this all worked out before you even knew you needed it. Praise His name. What a Great God we serve. Continuing to pray for W2G.

    1. Thank you Rosie. You are so right. we need to be able to just soar on the winds knowing He truly has it all figured out, even before we were born. He is an awesome and mighty God!

  3. God is a Miracle Working God. when we call upon Him He always Answer Us. May His Holy Name be glorified forever and ever. Amen!

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