We believe that each member of every family was created by God, equal, with amazing gifts and talents to not only make the family great but to be light unto the world and to make the world great. Every person is equipped with strengths but also has weaknesses. We walk along side families, to be able to help each person know their intricate value and worth in the family setting but also to encourage each persons individual growth as a child of God.

We believe that the family as a whole will thrive when each person is valued and able to operate in their gifts and talents for the good of the entire family. When one is weak in an area we strengthen them and when we are weak in areas other members strengthen us. (1Corinthians 12)

We also help families work through traumatic events such as teen pregnancy, death of a child, rape, incest, divorce. We believe that God can and will breathe hope into every circumstance if we allow Him to come in and move within us and within our families.