We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our two newest team members. David N. and David O. They are the night guards for our office compound. As we have gotten more set up at the office we have realized for safety we need to have the compound guarded at night.

We were able to buy gear for the guards to ensure they health and wellness. We purchased raincoats, rain boots, batons, bow and arrows (local type), and the torch (flashlight). They were very happy. We recently added an electric kettle so they could boil water to make tea.

We believe every part of our team is a member of our family and like the bible says no part is more important than the other. So we welcome them equally as a part of the Woven2Gether Family.

We wouldn’t have been able to hire them without your prayers and support. So thank you.

Todd thank you for your sacrifice to help support what God is doing here in Uganda. Love and miss you!

God Bless

If you would like give a one time donation or become a monthly supporter to help us continue our work, click the “give” link above and it will take you to our donations page.

You can also mail donations to Woven2Gether , P.O. Box 216, Haugen, WI 54841.

Thank you again for all your love and support.

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