We plant & Water, God Makes it Grow.

I love teaching Gods word. More than that, I love teaching people how to study Gods word for themselves. I so often hear people say they can’t read the bible because it doesn’t make any sense to them. I get so excited to be able to show them how they can understand it.

We teach a discipleship class every weekday from 9am-11am. Wednesday we focus the lesson on the redeeming blood of Jesus and take communion. On Thursdays we do community outreach. We have to learn that ‘WE ARE THE CHURCH”, we don’t go to church. So we go out in the community and help others, pray with those who accept and share scriptures with those who are willing. We love on people where they are at in hopes they wil one day know how much God loves them.

Some days we divide into groups, I give them the scripture and they study it, break it down and see what they can get out of it. Then we come together as a big group and discuss it. This day, I listened as they talked through the scripture. I was so excited to hear them, talking through it line by line, and using the tools they have been taught, to see what the scriptures meant. They get so excited when they are able to learn for themselves.

We are studying the bible chronologically through Genesis right now. We have just introduced Abram and they are really understanding the deeper things of God. I have learned His word is enough. We play music on a screen with a projector, sit on mats and a few sit in chairs and we study Gods word, simply but beautifully. His word is enough.

1 Corinthians 3: 6 “We plant, we water, but it is God who makes it Grow. So I plant, we water and we trust God to make each side grow! It is truly amazing to see the hearts of people change and become so excited to sit with God and let Him teach them His word. God is Good all the time.

If you would like to partner with us, we would love to have you as part of our family. You can donate buy pressing the “GIVE” button, it will take you to paypal. You can also send donations to: Woven2Gether, P.O. Box 216 Haugen, WI 54841.

Thank you to those who already support us in prayer and finances. This is the fruit of your giving. We couldnt’ be here without you!

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