Being a Bridge of Hope

We have been doing a daily discipleship class for about four months now. We have met so many amazing people. For over three months every day we have had someone new join us. We are becoming family. A place of fellowship, love, acceptance, hope, encouragement and family.

We have seen so many people come in our gate and find hope in Jesus Christ. They have went from believing nothing good will ever happen to them, that they have no value and things will never change to hopefilled, working and joyful persons.

I want to share some of their stories. Richard. Homeless. We prayed, as we were headed to the office, that God would bring someone to us who needed work for the day. We had a few things that needed to be done and we wanted to bless someone who really needed the work. Richard was sitting in front of our compound as we drove in! What an answer to prayer. Homeless, hungry, and desperate, we offered him the job. Long story short we moved him into a small room in the office and later had to kick him out for disrespecting our rules. He attended daily study and we kept our relationship with him. He is now working a full time job, pays his rent, has bought himself new clothes and looks so smart. He attends our outreach events and stays connected. He told us, when he first met us he thought we would fix his problems all at once. Then he realized that it took him time to get down it would take him time to come up and it wasn’t our job to bring him up but his. So he took control of his life and decided to fight for a better life. Now he has it. He even gets time of work to attend church.

Geoffery. He came to us after being released from prison after serving a two year sentence. He came the day he left the prison. We welcomed him as family. Loved on Him, accepted him as he was and encouraged him that he is not his choices. He attended discipleship class everyday for two weeks, but then he stopped coming. Our staff ran into him on the street oneday and Geoffery was overwhelmed. He got a job! Even told them about his prison sentence and he still go hired. It’s a good paying, consistent job. He thanked us for believing in him and encouraging him that God had good plans for his life. He is grateful to all of us at Woven2Gether for loving him and accepting him and believing in him. We are so proud of him! He is doing great!

Stella. A single mom of one beautiful girl. She was homeless. Hungry. Tired and trying to keep the faith that God loves her and will provide. She has been walking over 6 km every day Monday through Friday to attend study. She volunteers to cook for our homeless boys, she maintains the compound and always shows up early to help set up for study. She is always there when you need her. She wore her shoes right out walking. She was given a free place to stay far from town but that never stopped her from walking to class, rain or shine. This last week, God brought a miracle into her life. She was hired at her daughters school, for 200,000 shillings per month. Her daughter gets free schooling, which is a huge deal because school fees are so much here. She also has been given free room and board. She was is excited. She kept telling herself every day as she sought the kingdom first, all the other things would be added unto her and they were. We bought her a new pair of shoes to start her new job this Monday!

Mama Ivan. Supporting her grandkids, paying their school fees, feeding and clothing them. She came to study for a few months and then she had to leave to go to the village. We kept pouring the word of God into her and reminding her that God will provide for her needs if she just keeps the faith. We have missed her but she is doing well. We saw her this past week and God provided. She now works in the capital city and makes good money so she can provide for all the needs of her daughter and her three children. She is so thankful for the time she had with us, for the faith that she was able to grow during that time, for the word of God that was planed in her heart and for the hope that was restored in her. God is truly amazing!

Tom. Tom came to us broken, suicidal and no hope left. It was a friday, he had been coming to study for a few weeks, but as he walked away, God said to me, “he wont make it through the weekend. He won’t come on Monday. I yelled out to him and called him back and shared what God had told me. He confessed he was thinking of taking his life this very weekend. We gave him scripture, prayed with him and checked on him throughout the weekend. On Monday, he came all excited that he received an acceptance letter to attend a college in the united States, online, all tuition and fees paid in full. He only needed a computer. We prayed God would provide. Right before classes started he was offered a job, on an island of the Kenya coast and it will pay for the computer he needs to purchase. They also have computer labs where he is so he was able to begin his college classes.He calls and updates us and is so grateful for our love, support, encouragement and prayers that kept him through that difficult time. His answer to prayers was just days away and he didn’t know. Lost without hope suicide seemed to be the only answer. Then his Daddy God, shows up and reminds him that He is his provider and loves him so much. God is so faithful!

These are just some of the stories we have chosen to share but there are more, and there will continue to be more and more of these testimonies. Why? Because our God loves us deeply, unwavering. He is faithful always and His plans for us our good. We know as we continue to open our hearts to those who are hurting, as we teach them the word of God, hope will be restored in their hearts and they will see that God loves them, has good plans for them and they will be a walking, living testimony to the faithfulness of our God.

We hope you are encouraged by these testimonies. If you are in a season of blessing, help encourage those who are not. If you are in a season of waiting, of hoping of praying, don’t lose hope. God sees you, He hears you, He loves you and He will take care of you.

Thank you for your prayers, love and support. The seeds you plant are producing fruit and this is the fruit of your labour. We praise God for what He is doing and we praise God for you. We are hoping to begin services on Sundays so those who have found work can join us again on the weekends. Please pray for us as we wait on God to do what He does best, Miracles!

We will need to buy a large party tent or build a building. We were approached by someone who is willing to let us use his land for free to build a church. There are a lot of legalities with this so please pray for wisdom as we look into this option .We have been praying for free land for a church so this maybe the answer we have been waiting for. We will need to raise money to build the church if the land is given to us so please pray with us and believe with us that God will provide abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine.

If you would like to become a monthly supporter to help us continue our work, click the “give” link below and it will take you to our donations page. You can also mail donations to Tyler Herricks, C/O Woven2Gether Todd and Jennifer Herricks, P.O. Box 85, Haugen, WI 54841. Thank you again for all your love and support.

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