Happy Easter and We Need Your Support

We pray that everyone had a very blessed Easter. We had an amazing Easter. We were able to attend church together, then prepare a meal for 30 people, fellowship, play soccer and board games, watch the Passion of the Christ and share how much God loves everyone that He sent His son do die for us all. Those whom we shared our Easter with were special people who attend our daily bible study, they gave up time with their own families to make Easter for street kids here in Gulu who have no family and live rejected. We gave them haircuts, showers, a soccer ball so they can kick a ball around, a meal and love. We even treated them to ice cream, which many had never had before. They ate slowly, savoring every bite. They are gonna be loved to Jesus.

For many of us it was the best Easter we have had in a long time and for some of us the best Easter we have ever experienced. It was a day filled with small miracles. A young boy, living in a rubbish pit, when we first met him, could barely, walk because of a wound on his leg. Now, on Easter, he is running around with the guys and playing soccer. Healed in the flesh and beginning to heal in his heart. Kids who fight against each other for survival, sitting together laughing and sharing ice cream. Peaceful, no reason to fight. No reason to strive. It is a miracle.

They cut the grass in the compound and helped pick up where they could. THEY WERE COMPELLED to give back. They spoke out of the love and giving they had received and wanted to pour back the little they could into us. Miracle! Why? Because their hearts are hard because of the living conditions they are faced with. They are in self preservation mode. All for themselves. But today they reached out. Today they saw a need that someone had and became the answer. Miracle? Absolutely! God is softening their hearts through love and acceptance. God is truly making all things new. When they walk through are gate they become boys with names. They are not products of their decisions or living conditions. They are boys that God made, that God loves, that God has saved and we are there to show them how much God loves them and how far He went to show them His love. The price He paid to rescue them. They are coming to Jesus. We will love them until they do.

We need your support to be able to keep reaching out. When God called us to Uganda we wrestled Him but so many lives have been touched because He sent us here. After travel bans were lifted we left in 30 days. We didn’t get sent by a church, we didn’t fundraise. We didn’t do things traditionally because we believed God was sending us then, right then. He was. As soon as we landed we found one of my best friends daughter, who was just 9 months old was dying on a hospital bed while everyone watched. Today she is alive and well, flourishing and gaining strength each day. She has CP. She is beautiful. She is full of life because we came when God said. There are many more stories as to why we needed to come when we did, even though no one understood why. We trusted the One who leads us and He led us according to His will. We are so thankful we listened.

We have been living in Uganda now for one year. We have been blessed by family and friends who have prayed and given so we can be here in Uganda. We are so thankful to each of you. However, with zero income and all our needs being met by donations and our savings, it is getting difficult to maintain / expand the ministry and our families needs. Most of our financial needs are being met through our savings account that we had accumulated from selling our home and all of our belongings. Todd will be flying back in a few months for a few months to find work to help with our financial situation. We are doing what we can here to provide for ourselves but it isn’t enough. We want to be able to hire staff, pay rent at our office, and open fully our pregnancy center and purchase a tent and chairs for our fellowship services on Sunday and our worship nights. We also have to hire a night guard so we can open our second hand store. We are also hoping to establish self sustainability projects so the ministry can one day be fully funded from Uganda.

We can’t move ahead with these things because we need the funding to do so and we have expended most of what we had saved. So we are asking that you would pray about partnering with us with either a one time gift or becoming a monthly giving partner. God has used us in such mighty ways, that we know without a doubt this is where He called us to be. When someone has a call on their lives, we need to get behind them and support them. To believe with them. To help send them on their way. It isn’t our job to decide whether or not they are sent or whether or not they should go to the place God is sending them. We also don’t decide for them when they should go. We need to pray with them, trust their relationship with God and help encourage them in any way we can.

We have all heard of the self fulfilling prophecies. I see it all the time here. People will say of the street kids, drunks and thieves…”They will never change. They will never make it. They are no good.” Then they walk away waiting for them to fail, and they do. Then they can say “See I told you they would never make it!” and they don’t make it. Were they destined to not make it? or was that outcome driven by man? What happens if the people would have believed that the person would make it, that they were destined to make it? Would the outcome have changed if they would have given them support, love and a hand up? Would they have made it then? So does God create anyone who is by His will, destined to fail? Has God sent someone to serve Him in the mission field only to see them fail? Not ever that is not our God.

So as we love, support, and reach our hands out to those who believe they have no hope. As we encourage and walk life with those who the world has rejected. As we speak better things over the people God has sent us to, so that the only prophecies that come true in their lives are the positive ones. As we see these individuals come to Jesus and change the world, we ask that you would do the same for us. We can’t do this without others lifting us up in the prayers but also financially. The seeds you are planting are eternal. As Moses needed hlep holding HIs arms up to win the war, we need your help holding our arms up here in Uganda so we can accomplish all God has given us to do.

We thank you for considering giving to Woven2Gether and to our family. We love you and your support means more than you will ever know. If you would like to partner with us please press the blue give button on this page. You can also go to our website and press the give tab in the upper right. If you would like to mail a donation to us you may mail it to Tyler Herricks C/O Todd and Jennifer Herricks W2G, P.O. Box 85, Haugen, WI 54841. All gifts are tax deductible. We thank you for your love, prayers and support.


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