God Has saved babies #8, 9, 10 & 11

When God seems to be running late to us, He is always right on time. He only proved that to us yet once again. Mercy, two weeks over due with her first baby. Time was ticking, we were praying but baby seemed happy to remain where he was, for now. Then it came time to induce her last Monday, only to find she had infection that had to be treated first. So for three days there we sat, waiting for the next three days to pass. She had to remain in the hospital these three days because the medication used to treat the infection most often puts the mom into labor. And it did. Wednesday momma went into labor until Friday, when labor just suddenly stopped. C-section became inevitable and so we prepared to bring him into the world through the procedure. Why did it have to go like this? Why did it have to take so long? God had lives to save.

Baby #8:During the last two days in the hospital God brought us two girls who didn’t want to keep their babies. One was because the father was a married man and wouldn’t leave the wife to help her. She was scared, alone, and didn’t believe she could do it. We (Woven2Gether staff and client, counseled her and helped her see past the fear. Her mom who kicked her out, came on board, when she got malaria, which is very dangerous for mom and baby. Now momma is back with her mom in the village, loved and supported and baby is doing well. She has recovered from malaria and baby is thriving. Thanks to our prayer warriors and donors that helped with the cost of her malaria medicine which was very expensive. All meds for malaria but one cause pre term labor and so the only safe one is super expensive for these moms. So many moms cannot afford this medicine and so lose their babies taking the cheaper ones, in order to save their own lives. But this time, God stepped in, brought donations and we were able to pay for her malaria medication. We praise God for His Faithfulness in saving both the mom and the baby.

Baby #9: This momma we also met in the hospital waiting for Mercy’s little guy to decide to make is debut in the world. He saved two lives before He was even born, because he was “late”, now we know he was right on time. This momma was afraid her baby would be killed by means of retaliation. We were able to talk to her, to calm her fears. We don’t know fully what happened but she came in bleeding very heavy and needed a blood transfusion of 5 liters to save her life. It is a miracle that her baby is doing well. She is due the beginning of September and we are awaiting her arrival. This will be the first baby girl to join our Woven2Gether family and we are very excited. We were able to pay for her medical bills and all the baby items she needed through our donors that gave to us. Thank you to those of you who prayed and gave together God answered and saved both their lives. God is so good.

Baby #10: While in the hospital recovering Mercy saw a friend she had counseled months back. She was pregnant, scared and wanting an abortion. Mercy shared her story, her fears and her desire to also abort, but then her choice to choose life for her little guy. Mercy wasn’t sure what she chose. However when Mercy saw her that day she was carrying her beautiful baby, wrapped to her back. She chose life! It is such an amazing feeling when your clients start sharing their testimonies and counseling other women who are in the same situation they are facing and praying with them and speaking truth to them, to save both lives of mom and baby.

Baby #11: Beatrice. Pregnant from rape. Suffering from demonic oppression. Homeless. Doesn’t understand she is pregnant. For four and a half months God has asked us to care for and love Beatrice and to keep the baby safe. It was hard to do and so many times we didn’t do it well. In the last week, she walked so far to a place looking for good sales, while in early labor. She was thankfully arrested by the police. We happened to go the market that day and ask her auntie how she was doing, only to be informed that Beatrice was in labor, in jail, and was going to deliver from there, an hour and 20 minute motorcycle ride away. So we paid the motorcycle taxi to bring her home to the local hospital. She wasn’t in labor but had an infection that made it feel like labor. She was hospitalized because, like Mercy above, the meds put you into labor most often. While she was being treated we tried to get her confined to a locked room in the mental ward because she kept running away. In the middle of the night she would escape while her auntie was sleeping. We were to move her to the mental ward on Monday to keep her locked up until the baby was born so he didn’t die. She went into labor on Sunday the 1st of August, but didn’t know she was in labor, because she was certain she wasn’t in labor, only that she had a very bad toothache. She tried escaping from the hospital three times during the middle of the night. He would have been born anywhere and abandoned had she gotten out and more than likely would have died. The guard just two days before asked why I was at the hospital so much. I explained Beatrice’s situation. He thanked us for helping her. So when he saw a women not in her right mind, he remembered our conversation and sent her back to her room, three times. Praise God that he asked me why I was there just two days before. Then she wandered to a lower building in the hospital compound and laid on the ground outside. A young mom found her and brought her to the general labor and delivery where she gave birth less than an hour later. God truly had is hands on this little boys life. He was at risk to die in so many ways but God hedged him in using so many people to make sure he arrived safely. He has sadly, had to been removed from his mother, due to her mental illness and is now living with us. We are currently working with the family and praying about what Caleb futures looks like. So thank you to all of you who have prayed for this little one and his mother. Please keep praying for wisdom and discernment to Calebs future and also pray for moms freedom from the demonic oppression she is experiencing. She is loved by God and God sent Jesus to die so she could be set free. He conquered the enemy and has given us authority over him and so we will pray for her freedom when we find her next. She is already wandering around again. So please pray that we find her. For those of you who gave to us for Caleb thank you. We are having to buy baby things again and it has helped us do that. We have purchased bottles, clothes, baby carrier, formula, diapers, diaper bag, blankets, baby bath. We are in the process of finding a car seat and play pen. So thank you for your prayers for his life and momma’s life, God heard and answered and for your donations that will allow us to continue to care for Caleb. We truly couldn’t take care of him without you.

God is so good. All the glory and honor go to Him and Him alone. He can do anything and nothing is too hard for Him. This is just the beginning of the lives He will save and redeem. We are so blessed to have a team around us like you. God has Woven us all 2Gether to be apart of this plan, this purpose. We are all needed, all important and all apart of these lives being saved and miracles happening. Let’s keep following hard after Jesus and reaching out to help those God brings to our path. We love you all and thank you so much for all you do for us and our family.

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