What ever you do for the least of these you do for me

How we found Joshua

Joshua, God saves. He used to be Ongnon, meaning ashes you are to ash you return. God gave him a new name. When I pulled up along side the road to say hi to this little boy I had no idea what God had in store, I just knew we couldn’t leave him the way we found him. So we brought him home and made him apart of our family.

I didn’t know how we would do it, but day by day we are. He is growing and strengthening each day. Every day has its challenges but also has its victories and I chose to celebrate the victories and pray about the tough moments and give them to God. He has Joshua in the palm of His hands. To think that if we hadn’t picked him up, surely the doctors said he would have died in a very short time. He was so weak. So malnourished. To think that his life would have ended by being eaten by wild dogs. A child made by God, woven together by his power and love, left to die, to be eaten and disregarded. But God. But God had another plan for Joshua’s life. God has a testimony He is building through Joshua.

Joshua enjoying yogurt

Joshua is safe because of you. We want to thank you. Thank those of you who are praying for us, praying for Woven2Gether, you who are carrying us in the spirit realm. We can feel your prayers and God is answering them. Please keep praying. He hears you and will answer your prayers. Joshua is healing because of your prayers. His needs are being met because of your prayers.

We were praying and asking God to bring support for Joshua so we could buy him a bed, bedding, clothes, mosquito net, medicine, shoes, diapers, blankets and other things he needed. We just trusted that if God had told us to save Joshua, He would provide for Him. God is faithful. His faithfulness endures forever. Through your prayers God brought in two donations that covered Joshua’s expenses to get him settled in our home.

Woven2Gether is about being family. God connecting people from across the world, to come together (Woven together) to love those who are forgotten and oppressed and need to be loved and led to Jesus. He has united prayer warriors, with those who serve with us on the ground. He has united families that will pray for us and families that can give financially and materially to us. Together we are building Woven2Gether. We want each person that prays, each person that gives, each person that shares testimonies of what God is doing, to know that you are apart of us. You are apart of Woven2Gether. W2G belongs to God. It is His ministry, His creation, His heart, His will, His joy, His purpose. We, along with you, are only a pieces of this amazing team that God is building. So thank you for being a part of the ministry. We love you all.

I want to thank those who also donate to Woven2Gether. To those two families who gave, give and keep on giving, and will give. The seeds of your giving have produced fruit in Joshua’s life that will continue to bless him now and for time to come. For that we are eternally grateful. He has a bed, clothes, blankets, diapers and all he needs because of all of you. Those who pray, those who give, those who believe in faith that God is who He says He is, loves like He says He loves, and does what He says He will do. Your faith is an anchor to W2G and to us.

We will try to share testimonies of what God is doing as often as we can. But know, whether you are able to see updates or not, God is on the move, He is answering prayers, setting people free, and healing His lost sheep. So be encouraged that every prayer spoken and every penny given, every testimony shared will be used by God to fulfill His purpose and plan for Woven2Gether.

Also feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the posts, to encourage us, in how God is having you pray for W2G and how he is leading you to be apart of what He is doing through Woven2Gether. His word says we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimonies. Lets trust God in what He says and share our testimonies. He says what He speaks to us in private, shout from the mountain tops. So lets shout to the world the good things He has done and will continue to do.

God bless each and everyone of you. Thank you for giving Joshua and so many others the gift of life. It is a gift that is truly the most blessed gift.

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