August News Letter: Month of Miracles

God is always on the move. We want to celebrate and give honor to God for all He accomplished through Woven2Gether in August. We also want to share our prayer requests so that you can help hold us up against the attacks that the enemy brings as we faithful serve God. Thank you so much for all your love prayers and support we couldn’t do this without each one of you. We all have a part to play and will all reap the harvest together.

This month we celebrate the birth of three beautiful babies. Tasha, Beatrice and Mercy all gave birth at the beginning of the month to three “bouncing baby boys” as Beatrice would say. Tasha had to have a c-section as did Mercy. Tasha’s boy was 10 pounds and Mercy’s boy Andy was 8.5 pounds. Beatrice gave birth to Kica Caleb and he was born and 6:20 in the morning on August 2nd and weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces. All the boys are doing well and so are their mommas.

Tasha, was transferred to another ministry in Gulu, right before giving birth, who helped her and her family reunite . We are thankful that God used us to help her chose life for her son and gave him a chance for life by giving birth to him and not aborting him. We know God has good plans for the both of them. Please pray for them that they find God and learn what Jesus has done for them so that their lives are changed eternally forever. Mercy has returned to the village to spend time with her mom and to have help with her son. We look forward to her return to Gulu. She and Andy are doing very well. We are also grateful that God used us to help her choose life for her little guy. She is the happiest momma in the world and wouldn’t trade him for anything. God is really so so good. Beatrice has returned to the village. She is still struggling with mental health issues which we will address in the near future. Please pray that we are able to see her delivered from the demonic influence over her and get any medical care that could also help her heal.

We brought Caleb home from the hospital. The family has asked us to adopt him. We have been praying for God’s direction for his life and ours and at this point have decided to look into the adoption process. Please pray along with us that we follow God no matter what He is asking us to do. We are currently looking into the adoption process and looking at hiring a lawyer.

While in the hospital with all our clients giving birth we met a momma to be, who was expecting in six weeks. She had malaria, which is very dangerous for expectant moms. There is only one medicine they can take to cure the malaria and it was very expensive. So we were able to purchase the medicine for her to help her carry the baby to term. We are so thankful that God put us in her path. We also took her for an ultra sound to make sure the baby was okay. She wasn’t wanting to continue with the pregnancy but we were able to talk to her and her mom and she chose life! Praise God! She found out she was having a baby boy and so we have all boys born into the Woven2Gether family. Still waiting for that beautiful girl to join these boys.

We also met another momma named Mercy. She also contracted malaria, took the medication, which caused excessive bleeding and she almost lost her life. She needed 5 liters of blood to save her life. Her little girl is doing well. We were able to give them some clothes for the baby, a momma kit for the delivery and a few other things they needed. Her mom couldn’t afford the hospital bill so she was held in the hospital until she could pay. She traveled for two days selling what she oculd and asking for money from those she knew but she only came back with a little money. So we asked for prayers that God would help her and we had donations come in to help them pay their medical bills and buy the pregnancy and delivery items they needed. Thank you for your love prayers and donations that made it possible to reach out and help mercy and her mom.

Joshua is getting stronger every day. He is 15 years old and was 40 pounds when we found him on the side of the road in a village and brought him home to live with us. He was just a week or two from dying. He is so happy all the time. We are still working on potty training him. He is learning to understand english and is speaking a few words. He understands the local language perfectly but is having a hard time speaking words. He will begin speech therapy next month. We are praying it will help him be better able to communicate. He is bonding to us and finding safety with us and so for that we are so grateful. Please pray for his continued healing.

Nelson celebrated his 26th birthday this month! We moved Nelson into a hut and were able to help him get everything he needed to begin life on his own. He earns points for his bible study and is able to then use the points to buy things he needs. He was able to start training in selling clothes at the market so he is very excited about that. Please pray for his recovery from drinking and that he is able to stand strong and be victorious.

Medina and her daughter Stella are living with us and doing pretty well. Medina has tried to start a few food businesses but hasn’t found what she really wants to do. We are enrolling her in sewing classes and she is very excited about that. We are trying to find a way to start the reunification process with her son but know she has a lot of healing to do. Please pray for her to be able to process her past and find healthy ways to cope so she can parent in a more positive way.

We went to the villlage of Caleb and met with the immediate and extended family to discuss the future placement of Caleb. It was amazing to hear how many of them have been praying the whole time Caleb was in the womb that God would send someone to care for him and love him. Then they all said that we came along and were the answer to their prayers. It made me realize that God hears prayers and is answering them in ways that we may not even see. I was looking to place him in a local home for adoption and hadn’t even considered him coming to live with us. But God has plans that we don’t see until He reveals them. We love him so much already but know that only God knows what His plans are for this sweet little guy so we have chosen to love him for as long as God gives him to me and will trust His leading with Calebs life. We have begun the adoption process and would love your prayers as we move forward.

Prayer Needs:

Please pray for us as we serve God here. Wisdom with staff, clients and house help. We are so thankful for each person God has brought in our lives but it is also difficult at times because of cultural differences. God is so faithful and He has continued to save lives and restore relationships and for that we are so grateful. He is a good God and His faithfulness endures forever. For strength of heart as we stand strong against the attacks of the enemy because God’s plans will prevail.

We are needing a bigger vehicle to carry all these beautiful children God has given us. We are a family of seven now and have a car that only seats five so we are unable to travel to the capital or anywhere unless we borrow a vehicle or some take the car and some take a motorcycle taxi. We are able to make things work but we have to leave some kids back home when we travel to the capital and we don’t really would like to be able to travel together. So please pray that we can find a dependable vehicle for a good price as vehicles are very expensive here. We need to add about a 5,000 dollars on top of what are car should sell for to be able to upgrade.

Adoption process for Caleb. For favor with the government officials, clear direction from God, a good lawyer who is trustworthy, and funds to complete the adoption process. The process will cost around 10-15,o00 by the time we are completely done with everything for both the Ugandan side and the United States side.

For a motorbike so we are able to travel to the villages to help our clients. There are so many places a vehicle cannot travel. The cost is around $1500 dollars.

We are going to transfer out of this house in January and move to a more financially affordable home. Please pray we find one by January.

Thank you all so much for everything. Your kind words, thoughts, prayers and donations mean so much to us. We truly know we could not be here on the mission field without each one of you. You are seed planting and changing lives right along side of us. It takes the entire of body of Christ to bring heaven to earth and we are so grateful to be in the body with all of you. May God richly bless you for all the kindness you have shown us.



If you would like your gift to go to specific ministry please write the specific area you would like to donate to in the notes section on the credit card or paypal donation pages, otherwise all gifts will go to the area where it is needed the most at the time.

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