Being the Church

We started a daily bible study at our new office (will share more soon about it) and we are so excited about it. We started up full time on January 3rd. We were not sure if anyone would come back that was coming before our two week holiday break or if anyone new would come. God surprised us. We had one woman return and two new men come. That’s a miracle in itself.

I was taking a wheelbarrow of cement to the outside of our compound, when a young man asked if I needed help. I knew he was looking for work so we let him help us put our sign posts in the ground for our ministry. He was so very thankful. The next day he was at bible study and had brought one of his friends. We thank God.

So on their first day of Study we explained that we want to be the church not just go to church. We shared the heart of Woven2Gether with them. That we want to look like Jesus looked when He was here and like He taught the disciples to be. To look after his sheep, feed his sheep, tend his lambs. To share what we have amoungst us so that no one has a need. To really know that it is better to give than to receive.

I have a friend, we call her Mama Kan. She had talked with me last week that she has peanuts (g-nuts) as known here in Uganda. She wasn’t going to be able to harvest them all because the ground is now to hard to pull them up so everything has to be dug up. I asked her what would happen to her harvest and she said she would have to leave it to spoil (rot). She is basically a single mom with four kids, one if which has cerebral palsy and almost died in 2020. She also has a school in a small village she started so she is so busy getting ready for school to open next week. Schools have been closed the last two years here due to fears of Corona virus. So she has too much work to do to harvest her crop.

God laid it on my heart to ask those that come to bible study to take the day and go harvest her g-nuts for her. They all agreed. So today we went to her land and we were able to harvest the rest of her crop. We had so much fun and it was a great time of fellowship.

In the bible there are two seas mentioned the sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. One teeming with life and the other completely dead. The difference? One has an outlet and the other one does not. When God pours into us but we don’t pour it back out for others, we become spiritually like the dead sea. When we pour out what God puts in, we make room for God to keep pouring and we become like the Sea of Galilee full of life.

I thank God for what He is doing here in this little town of Gulu. Hearts are being transformed, souls are hungering to hear from their father, fellowship and making of new family and friends. I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of what God is doing here.

I want to thank those of you who are praying for us and teaming with us financially you make days like today possible. We couldn’t be the hands and feet of Jesus without you. This is the fruit of your labor and so please join us in praising the One who has done this all.

After harvesting Mama Kans crop, we shared a meal of beans and posho, prepared by Mama Kan herself as a thank you for our helping her. She was pouring out what was being poured in. She also sent with us, and her friend who also is a single mom, a sack of G-nuts to take home. See it is contagious. When you pour out, others pour out and the love of God spreads like the ripples in a lake when a rock is thrown in. It is a beautiful thing to be apart of.

So thank you to each and everyone of you for your thoughts, prayers and donations. WE love and cherish you all and pray for you and your families as well, that as you pour out, God replenishes your supply so you can keep pouring out to whoever he calls you to support and pray for. Thanks for being the church. For being the hands and feet of Jesus. Blessings to you all and we wish you an amazing 2022!

Hope you enjoy the photos of our day! By the way, Caleb did great for his first time in the garden and Isaac was home recovering from a bad sunburn he got the day before. Todays temperature 101 and sunny.

If you would like to donate to Woven2Gether, just go to the donate tab at the top of our webpage and follow the instructions at the link. You can also send checks to our son in the United States. Make all checks out to Woven2Gether and mail to Tyler Herricks, C/O Jennifer Herricks, P.O. Box 85 Haugen Wisconsin, 54841. You may also do a direct deposit at any Royal Credit Union, into the Woven2Gether Savings Account.

God Bless

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