Woven2Gether is Expanding!

We are so excite to make some very exciting announcements. We have been waiting til the new Year to share all God has been doing through Woven2Gether. We are also wanting to show you how you can partner with us to see Gulu, Uganda reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Banner is Raised!

At the end of 2020 we decided to start a bible study class. We have put an announcement on a sign in front of our office notifying people of the times. We have been excited as we have seen the Holy Spirit draw people in. We had some work to do to get the office ready to go as we hadn’t moved into it yet. So we cut grass, cleaned the buildings and did some clearing of the land. As we prepared the property, we were ready to raise our banner, in praise to God for His faithfulness to see this day happen. We were called to begin this ministry back in 2014. Today our banner is raised and we rejoice as God had done what He said He was going to do. He always keeps His promises and His word never fails.

We have now opened our office for bible study and we have been blown away at how God is moving in the hearts of people to give them such a great desire to study His word. During our time, we teach how to study the bible in a way that will reveal the deep things of God. It takes time to find the deep things of God and they are learning so quickly and are so amazed as to what they are learning. We praise God for revealing Himself to us. We are learning to set our boats out from the shore and cast our nets into the deep, as one woman put it today at study. Every day we have new people joining. It reminds me of the scripture in Acts, where it says, God added to their numbers daily. He is adding to our numbers daily. It isn’t about numbers in the sense that its better if you have more people, but its amazing because we know its God drawing them in. They are going home and bringing people back with them the next day. We aren’t doing anything fancy. No worship team, no fancy building, lights or sound system. Just grass mats on the floor of a beautiful Gazebo and a few plastic chairs and we sit together and study Gods word. It is such a beautiful thing. So we are running out of room in the Gazebo and we have only been teaching for two weeks, Praise God!

We are now looking at how to be able to move into a bigger area to accomodate more people. We have decided to try to raise funds to buy an event tent, this way we can move it if we ever change office locations. Rent can rise at any time and so we decided something portable would be better. This is the tent that we are looking at purchasing. The tent will provide the enclosed space to have worship nights, bible study and fellowship on Sunday mornings. The cost is 24 million Uganda shillings which is $7000.00 U.S. dollars. We looked at the option of buying land and putting up a building but that is a much higher cost than purchasing a tent. We will also need to purchase around 200 plastic chairs at 24,000 shillings, which is $7 per chair. The total then for 200 chairs would be $1,400 dollars. If you would like to partner with us to purchase this tent, or purchase a chair, you can hit the give button below and make a tax deductible donation to Woven2Gether.


This is the building where the store will be.

We are also excited to announce we are starting up sustainability projects to help fund the ministry right here in Uganda. We are going to be opening a store in the office compound. There are two big buildings that we will be using to sell gently used merchandise along with a clothing line we will be creating of Uganda attire and souvenirs, along with a Christian based clothing line. We are preparing the building right now to be able to open in February. The building has to be painted on the outside and inside. The floor has to be redone and fresh painted concrete put down. We also have to repair the inside walls from moisture damage. When it is complete it will be a bright cheerful building that will bring hope to the community and also help fund the work God has given us to do. The cost to repair the walls and paint the building is 790,000 shillings, which is $229.oo. The cost to do the floor is 1,055,000 shillings, which is $306 dollars. We also have to design shelving units and purchase clothing racks. The shelving units and paint to shield them from termite damage is 400,000 shillings, which equals $116 dollars. The metal clothing racks are 500,000 each and we are looking to have 6 of them made. the total cost is 3,000,000 shillings at a total cost of $870.00. We are going with steel clothing racks because aluminum is imported and very expensive and wood will be destroyed by the termites. The name of the store is called Twice Loved. We are super excited to be able to open the doors to the community.

If you would like to donate towards our sustainability project you can click the link below.


This is a very exciting time for Woven2Gether. We also are looking for those who would be willing to become monthly supporters in helping pay rent at our office. Rent each month is $435.00. This will help us be able to hire staff to help run the office. We are needing to hire a secretary, guard for the property, grounds keeper and a few people to help run the store. Your support in the rent would allow us to reallocate funds to be able to hire the staff that we need to be able to open the office on a full time basis. If you would like to become a monthly donor you can click the give link below and join our team!


We are also going to be starting family movie nights at the office the last Saturday of the month. We will be showing family friendly, God honoring movies, for free to build community and create awareness to what God is doing through Woven2Gether. Our hope is also that we create a desire for everyone in Gulu to have a heart to pour back into their community to make it a better place. In order to have these movie nights we are in need of purchasing 2 speakers and 2 popcorn machines. We will be selling popcorn, drinks and snacks to help fund the ministry. The popcorn machines are 150,000 shillings each or $44 dollars. So for both machines it will be $88.00. The cost of the speakers, because we have to buy imported ones is quite high. We are looking at purchasing JBL speakers. We are still trying to get accurate pricing.

If you would like to donate towards our outreach events, and more specifically our movie nights you can donate by clicking the link below.


You may also donate by sending checks to Tyler Herricks, C/O Woven2Gether, P.O. Box 85, Haugen WI, 54841.

We thank you for the love, prayers and support you have shown us all the way we have traveled until now. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for partnering with us. We are excited to be able to bring in monthly income through the expansion of the Twice Loved Store. We are also anticipating great things as we expand our space to conduct bible studies, worship nights, and Fellowship meetings on Sundays. God is on the move and we are stepping out in faith to serve Him. We are preparing for the rain. I hear the sound of a rushing rain! 1 Kings. We thank you for celebrating with us all God is doing in and through Woven2Gether. We are truly humbled by your love, prayers and financial support.

We would also like to make ourselves available to share all God is doing through Woven2Gether, with your small groups, family, or Church through Skype, Zoom, Google Video,ect. We would love to be able to give our testimonies in a more personal way. If you would like to set up a time for us to share all God is doing in Gulu Uganda, you may email us at woven2getherinc@gmail.com or woven2getherinc@yahoo.com. We look forward to meeting with you!

God Bless and thank you again for helping us plant eternal seeds in Gulu, Uganda. It is your seeds that you sow into us, that allow us to sow into this community. We are all partakers in the sowing, reaping and harvest. So thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.


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2 thoughts on “Woven2Gether is Expanding!

    1. Thank you Maurice! God is great! May He continue to move in the hearts of HIs people to bring the gospel to all people! We are honored and humbled that He chooses to use us to spread His word and glorify HIs name.

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