What love, juice, rolex, shoes, pants, shirts and a bath can do

How we found Nelson

Yesterday I picked up a drunk. broken. beat up. conconscious young man of 25 years old. Person after person passed him by. So did I. Then God…Called me to stop. To love him like Jesus would. To love him like I love my own kids. After taking him to three hospitals, he stayed the night at the last one. Sobering up.

Brenda and I went to see him this morning. He was sleeping. Restful. Peaceful. When he woke up we were there. He was thankful. We brought him a juice and a rolex (an egg inside a taco of sorts, so yummy). He ate like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. Who knows, maybe he hadn’t. We had to leave him because we had bible study. After study we returned to check on him. He was discharged waiting for us. We found one of his Aunties who came to the hospital with us. I was so grateful she was willing to help him.

Transformation one day later

We checked him out and then went and had an x-ray done on his arm as it was deformed and we thought it was broken. It wasn’t. Praise God. Then we had fun and took him shopping for two pair of pants and two shirts. He smiled as he picked out his clothes. Slowly joy was returning and life was being breathed back into this young man. He was wearing pants that had a broken zipper, 6 inches to short for him, and filthy. He had to walk holding them up at 25 years old. His shirt ripped in many places and tied at the top collar to keep it from falling off because it was ripped so bad. Stained. Stinky. Filthy. He was so embarassed walking around.

Auntie Jackie and Nelson

We took him to his aunties house where we waited for him to bathe and get dressed. We loved on Auntie Jackie while we waited for him to finish cleaning up. She is a woman of God and willing to let him stay there while he heals. I am so thankful. Then the huge surprise. In walks this smiling young man, almost glowing, into the thatch roof brick hut. He looked so handsome and full of hope again. It was like a brand new man was infront of us.

Isn’t it just like what Jesus does for us. He picks us up out of our pit we are in. Cleans us up, dresses us in His righteousness, sits us down at His table, in His home and invites us to eat with Him, in the presence of our enemy. So what better way to show Gods love then to do in the physical for someone, what God does in the spiritual for us!

I showed him the picture of himself on the street the night before unconscious. He cried. I don’t think he remembers it. The photo hit him hard. He was embarassed. Hurt. But we reminded him that it is the devil that comes to seek, kill and destroy, but it is God who comes to bring life and bring it abundant. We told him that God has big plans for his life. A second chance and he needs to use it well. It seems as though he is wanting this chance. We pray he does. We will continue to walk life with him for sometime to make sure he is okay. We will be discipling him and seeing where else we can help him get established.

Please keep praying for Nelson as he finds his path, as he finds Jesus. God loves him. He loves him so much that he gave His sons life for his. What a loss it would be if he never knew that! So we will teach him and leave the harvest up to God. But we will sow the seeds of truth. We will sow and sow and sow. Grow the harvest Lord. Grow the harvest.

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