Our God is truly a God of miracles and perfect timing!

One week before I was to leave for my training in Florida with Melissa Heiland, I received an exciting phone call from her. We had a potential miracle on the horizon!

A donor had given Melissa a portable ultra sound machine for a pregnancy help center. Melissa had requested that it be sent to Mexico and the donor obliged. The machine was soon to be on its way to Mexico. Right before the person was to leave, something happened and they were not able to bring the ultra sound machine with them. Melissa needed to find another center to recommend. She truly believed from the moment she heard it couldn’t go to Mexico, that it was meant for our ministy, Woven2Gether, in Northern Uganda.

She contacted the donor, who didn’t immediately grant us the ultra sound machine. He had some great guidelines and criteria and we weren’t sure we would be able to meet them. The donor has a great heart and we respected him and we trusted God to work things together the way He had planned.

Melissa decided to send a message sharing her heart and what she believed God was up to and left the rest up to our Heavenly Father, who knows best!

Well we got an exciting text…He gifted us the ultra sound machine! Not only did we get a machine, but Melissa shared that this is one of the nicest ones she has ever had donated! The fact that it was sitting in her living room waiting for me, to pick it up in less than a week, was a miracle. Top that off with it being one of the nicest one she has ever received, God was just showing off! I asked her how often she gets the ultra sound machines donated, she said this is her 8th or 9th one since beginning of Beautiful Feet International starting pregnancy centers. We are so blessed for Gods showering upon us His favor. We are humbled by the goodness of our God.

We now have the ultra sound here safely at home, awaiting our trip to Uganda. I will be attending a training in Missouri in the near future to learn how to operate the ultra sound machine so we can train our staff in Uganda. I have been so amazed at God and how He knows exactly what we need when we need it. He truly is our provider. He knows people across the world that He wants to and will connect with us and we are waiting with open arms to embrace everyone that He sends.

One night as I was sitting on the deck swing looking up at the stars, God spoke to me. He said, “Do you see the stars? Each one of them is like my children. Just like these stars have their own place in the sky, there own place to light up, so are my children. I have placed each one, in their own place, like I did for each star, so they may bring light into the darkness wherever they are.” Then He asked me, “Do you see the constellations?” That too is a reminder of what I do with my people. I bring some of you together, sometimes for moments, days, weeks, or a lifetime. I create something beautiful out of the meeting, a purpose, a gift, just like the beauty of the constellations, created by me placing stars together in a beautiful design.

From that moment on I knew I would cherish each person in my life more and it also brought a new expectation and excitement for those He would bring into my life in the future.

When God named our Ministry back in 2014, Woven2Gether, I only knew His heart to keep mommas with their babies. Over these past few years I have learned that Woven2Gether means so much more. It is us being woven to our Heavenly Father. Then being woven to each other on so many levels. I now believe that we are all connected together in this plan that God has to restore all things and to bring His children home! I am so grateful to be apart of what He is doing. Humbled. Blessed. Grateful.

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  1. Dear Jen, thank you for this beautiful post. I am so glad our paths crossed and we were able to be part of a “constellation” for a few seasons. I praise God for what He is doing and will do through Woven2Gether! I rejoice ahead of time over all the births and rebirths, gifts from the Father of heavenly lights!

  2. Thank you momma Stone. I am so blessed that God has aligned our lives “woven them together” so we can be apart of the journey to Jesus together. You have passed so much wisdom onto me that I am a better person because of you. I will always keep me eyes fixed on Jesus running towards me with His arm spread wide open, as I run this race to Him! I love you more than you will ever know.

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