Sustainability Project Started!!!

We are trying to come up with creative ways to create sustained income within Uganda to try to fund some of the operational costs of our ministry. We are hoping to launch a full clothing line.

We have started by creating one t-shirt to sell, to see what the market looks like. Times here are tough like they are everywhere. Food and fuel prices are extremely high. Gas is almost $8 per gallon. Yes, you read right almost, $8 per gallon. So we are hoping to be able to sell the shirts even though times are a little harder. God can do anything and all things.

We have rented a shelf at a local shop to give our shirts more advertisement space until we get our own store up and running next month.

Please pray for Gods favor over our shirts, that he would bring buyers so we can continue to serve Him to the best of our ability. Once we see the market we will be adding new shirts and items to our inventory.

We are very excited to see Gods hand upon this project.

If you would like give a one time donation or become a monthly supporter to help us continue our work, click the “give” link above and it will take you to our donations page.

You can also mail donations to Woven2Gether , P.O. Box 216, Haugen, WI 54841.

Thank you again for all your love and support.

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2 thoughts on “Sustainability Project Started!!!

  1. I love the way woven2gether is serving God, with all their substances to see lives , hope revived, families restored and Nations transformed.
    God bless every hearts and i pray that God’s promise be fulfilled that He will bless the works of our hand, and He will prove Himself right in every project of Woven2gether. together we shall see ourselves moving forward .

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. God is good and we will continue to surrender ourselves to Him to use to connect people to Him and to each other as the body of Christ, so to build the Church, which is His body not a building.

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