Sent Out 2 by 2 (Episode 2)

We went out in the community again for our outreach Thursday. Teaching those who study the bible with us to be the church. We aren’t called to go to church we are called to be the church. So we are very intentional about taking our bible study time on Thursdays to go outside the walls of the compound and love on those who don’t know Jesus and encourage those who do.

This past week we were able to talk to so many people about Gods love. We were able to touch the heart of a man who drinks so much, he was even drunk at the time. One of our men shared Gods love with him and he just started crying. Even the man who brews the alcohol was touched by the words that were shared.

We were able to help some women dig in the rubbish pit to find water bottles to sell. We were able to pray with them and help them collect more bottles so they could make more money. We helped a young man who was carrying water in jerry cans for a lady who owns a local restaurant. Then we were able to talk with some mechanics and share scripture with them and pray with them.

We have been able to share Gods love and hope of Jesus Christ with Muslims and we are so thankful for the opportunity to share the truth.

We have helped push wheel barrels of garbage and wheel barrels of water just to be a blessing. Two of the men were able to pray with the entire group of bus drivers from the bus stop. It is like the travel buses back home. They are still here a major means of transportation. They shared Gods word and prayed with them all. They were all so encouraged.

We have seen God move in might ways as we have been his light and love in the community. We give God all the glory.

Thanks for your love and support. We couldn’t be here without you.

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