The Jerusalem 12 (Street Kids)

Last Thursday we had the honor of some street kids meeting with us after our outreach. We shared how some of those who attend study payed to have them eat that day. The boys were so grateful. Friday they returned to study and it was so nice to have them there.

Some of them just relax and sleep. You can’t really relax and sleep on the street. Anything can happen at any time. So when they come you can see them just let their shoulders down and breath.

We found out the name of the garbage dump (here called a rubbish heap) is Jerusalem. How ironic it is. Why they named it that, I don’t even know if they know. Today we asked how many there are of them that live in “Jerusalem”..the head leader said that there are 12. Wouldn’t it be like God to call out 12 boys out of Jerusalem to share His love with the city of Gulu.

Today they came back for bible study. It was so surprising to see them back, yet not. They have all come from hard backgrounds. Some orphaned, some abandoned, some kicked out from home because they had no way to care for them and some ran away because of situations at home.

These kids are rough and in the city they are dangerous. They steal, do drugs, beat people up, rape women. They are not the kind of kids just anyone wants to reach out to. To be honest most of society fears them with just cause. But we don’t fear them. Jesus wouldn’t have feared them. We love them like Jesus would and pray He changes their hearts.

The photos and videos are from today. We decided to have a day of game and laughter after bible study. So from 9:30 this morning til 4pm tonight we got to just love on these boys. We watched them laugh and play like they should have been able to do as kids, but couldn’t. Our hearts were so blessed. We played cards, lulu, checkers (African style) and watched movies and listened to worship music. Enjoy the photos and videos which show a small part of our day.

We bought a popcorn machine for our movie nights that we do as outreach. Tomorrow we are going to offer them the chance to make popcorn and sell it so they can buy food for the 12 of them. We will keep you updated on how that goes. Its a bit tricky because you can’t give them cash because of the drug use so we will be buying them food for them to cook for themselves. We will also keep a portion for savings so they can put a down payment down on a grass hut for them to share. We are hoping they can rent two huts for the 12 of them to start. At least it gets them off the street.

Please keep these amazing boys in your prayers as God does His thing and loves them into the kingdom. They will be changed by Gods love. They will give God the glory and they will share His love to the ends of the earth.

Thank you for your prayers and giving. It allows us to cook meals, rent the office, pay staff and electric bills so we can continue to reach out to people who are hurting and need to know God loves them. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you and may the seeds you are planting bring a harvest of a 1000 times. In Jesus Name. Amen

Enjoying lunch together
Worshipping Together…love listening to their local worship

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