We Sent Them Out Two By Two

Learning to Be the church instead of going to church

We are deciding to not post photos with this post, because we didn’t want the story to be about us. We didn’t want to glorify ourselves as if we were doing something great. We want God alone to get the glory. If we go out in the community and take photos of our serving it really can disrupt people being open to seeking Jesus versus becoming famous. We pray your hearts are touched by the testimonies of what God is doing.

We as disciples of Jesus Christ, called to share the gospel, to be the church, have decided to follow the ways of the early apostles, believing that we would see the same movement, the same power of God. It has been amazing. We have chosen, as believers and as Woven2Gether to focus our ministry of Acts 2:42-47. We also need to follow the command in Matthew 28 to “Go”.

We have followed this model they have laid forth for us in Acts and Matthew, and we have seen God moving in amazing ways and we know that He will continue to move. Monday through Friday we have discipleship classes. Monday and Tuesday we teach them study Gods word, deeply for themselves. Wednesday is communion, the breaking of bread, as we remember the cost Jesus paid and the love God poured out on us. Thursday is our sending out day. Friday is learning to listen in quiet meditation and worship for Gods voice. We often talk so much but rarely listen to what our Father has to say to us.

God has commanded us in Matthew 28 to “Go”. We often go to church but we are not being the church. So we found that we need to be diligent and intentional about becoming the church. Woven2Gether is the gospel in action, not an organization or ministry, even though it is, it is really raising up believers to be the church, wherever God plants them.

The last three Thursdays, we have come together to worship, pray and then “Go” into the community to lock arms with them, and share Gods love and truth with them. Woven2Gether is about connecting people to Jesus and to each other. Creating a sense of community, where we don’t look out for ourselves but for each other. Where we don’t do life alone but as a family. Its amazing to watch.

We have had people sit in rubbish heaps, digging through feces and unspeakable filth to help elderly women collect used water bottles so they can sell them to buy food to eat. We have had men help older men push carts of jerry cans full of water, up to 27 cans that hold 20 liters each. We have pushed wheel barrels of rubbish for women who sweep the streets for 1000 shillings a load, which is around 20 cents so they can buy something small to eat. We have prayed with those who are hurting, loved on those who are drunk and high. We have shared the gospel with muslims and loved on widows. We clean rubbish off the streets and try to make the community look good. (There are piles of rubbish everywhere, as people just throw trash anywhere and everywhere.

He Sent Them Out Two By Two

People are amazed and so grateful that we have come out of the compound to be with the people and the pray for us and bless us as we pray for them. Peoples hearts are being moved and those of us who are “going”, are being poured into in amazing ways by God. We have seen people go from so fearful to “go” to now looking forward to Thursdays more than any other day. We have seen people miss discipleship class because they were serving someone that needed help. We have had people join the discipleship class because of our Thursday outreach. It is truly amazing what happens when we go and become the church.

We decided to start small, keep our street clean in front of our office. Then we cleaned up the streets in front of other offices on our block. Now, two of the businesses are painting their compound walls and keeping the rubbish off their properties. The block is now clean and hardly has any rubbish on it. Today as we picked up the trash as we walked, people thanked us, told us good job, and some even commented how we need to work together to keep our city clean. It was truly amazing, that even though we were saying nothing, our going and doing spoke so loudly to the community.

Some in the W2G family our even seeing visions before they go into the field of people that they feel God is leading them to, and as they walk they find those very people, right where God has shown them they would be. Today a woman said she had a silly dream just last night that she got saved. Well today they shared the gospel with her and loved on her and she understood that Jesus gave his life for her and she in turn gave her life to Him.

How can they hear if we don’t go and tell them?

We will continue to “Go” and see God do mighty things. We believe that we can live in “Revival”. Revival is really taught to be a temporary explosion of Gods spirit that causes many to come to faith. But what we miss is that the disciples of Jesus lived in revival. It was their normal way of life. We want to bring that back. We want the truth to be known that when we abide in Christ, He then abides in us, and His power flows through us, as we “Go”, and the natural overflow is the Holy Spirit pouring His spirit out, and changing hearts, releasing miracles, signs, wonders, dreams and visions. A place where revival isn’t a phenomenon but the norm. A place where if these things aren’t taking place we know something isn’t right.

We are excited that we are seeing this city being restored to the kingdom of God. We will continue to “Go” and storm the gates of hell, because we God in the blood and victory of Jesus. The enemy had been defeated and so we will proclaim to the ends of the earth that sin is forgiven, chains are broken, freedom and healing have already been given, on the cross and through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers, support and donations to the ministry, we truly couldn’t be here without you. This is the fruit of the seeds that you have planted in us and in Woven2Gether. The harvest is truly plentiful and we are excite to be raising up workers to gather the harvest. God is faithful and good all the time.


If you would like to donate to Woven2Gether so we can continue to reach out to the lost and hurting here in Uganda you can just click the link above and it will take you to our donations page. You can also send checks or money orders to Woven2Gether, P.O. Box 85, Haugen, WI 54841.

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2 thoughts on “We Sent Them Out Two By Two

  1. Great thanks W2GETHER for all your weekly digest. Please when you decide not to post the pics its just ok. But the most important things to be understood is understanding the motive and attitudes behind sending all that you have been sending. If the motives & attitude is from a clear conscient/mind, then you were reserving a ticket to heaven for yourself. If not then you should repent the more b4 its too late, though stoping sending is a sign of repentance. Sincerely if its about posting every dot of your programs including helping a woman who lacks manpower to harvest her G/nut and the boy that every where and all your charitable work then i have it all that which was posted. Soon i may visits you Thanks Jehoshaphat

    1. Thank you for your sharing. The reason we didn’t post pictures of outreach is that we have many people attending bible study who don’t know Jesus or are just beginning their faith walk. We want them to go and help people for Gods glory not for theirs. Also when we help people they can falsely act excited and seem so moved by what you are sharing if you video them and take their photos. So we made the executive decision to not take photos on outreach Thursdays so that we don’t wander from why we are doing it and so our motives do stay pure. Not that it is always wrong. As a Christian I don’t mind taking photos but I know that It is for Gods glory I do what I do but not everyone is there yet. So I don’t want to be a stumbling block to them. Not sure this answers your comment but I hope it does. God Bless

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