Miracle 2 Miracle, Faith 2 Faith

We have seen God move in such mighty ways. Miracles almost daily. They may seem small moves of God but to us they are mighty amazing moves. Building faith in us and those whom He is moving in and through. We are super excited to share.


RENT MIRACLE: We believe that we need to be faithful with what God has given us. We started evaluating what we needed to be able to have to move forward in Woven2Gether. Hiring some staff and a guard for the office were a must. So we had to find a different place to live because our rent was more than we were willing to pay. If we found a place that was less expensive we could hire 2-5 staff members. God has blessed us with an amazing home right now and we have been beyond grateful for this home. We didn’t want to leave but we knew the ministry had to come first. So we called the Landlord and explained we had to leave. They were disappointed because we took good care of the house. Then the call came. They offered to drop rent to what we needed so we could hire two -three staff so we could stay. We praise God! Testimonies have come in from the local people that they have never heard of any landlord dropping rent to keep renters. It was an amazing move of God, a miracle.

ADDING TO THE NUMBERS DAILY: Every single day for four weeks straight, Monday through Friday, we have had new people come for discipleship classes! We are so excited that God is bringing people to learn how to study His word so they can know how to read it for themselves and understand it.

WORKERS SUPPORTING THE MINISTRY: We have projects around the office compound that have needed to get done. We have had up to 20 people volunteering in a day to help us clean, build and repair the office to prepare us to be able to use it for sustainability projects. We thank God for building the body of Christ here and we are so humbled by His using us, even though we are not equipped or qualified. Yet He moves and is changing lives.

MOVIE NIGHT MIRACLES: Our first movie night was amazing. We had over 50 people attend and it was amazing to listen to people laugh and enjoy life, in the midst of the hardships they were suffering through. We opened the gates and invited anyone and everyone in. A homeless boy of maybe 12 came in and had such a great time. Drunk young men came in and enjoyed meeting us and talking to us without judgement but with love and acceptance. We were so grateful for God to move in the lives of so many people.

BYRON: FROM DRUNK TO DISCIPLESHIP CLASS: Byron came to our movie night, so drunk. He didn’t want to hear about God, he didn’t want me to be nice. He was hurting. He shared his stories of the losses he has suffered because of his drinking. I looked at him and had compassion on him, and told him he wasn’t alone, not anymore, that we are all there for him now. He cried. He told me to stop messing with him. I just told him again, we are here for you, you are no longer alone. He shared his story bit by bit. This was Saturday night. Tuesday morning he was at discipleship class and has been there every day since. He has light in his eyes and hope in his heart. He has a family now.

STEVENS PROVISION MIRACLE: Steven shared a story. Well he was in the village preparing for his wedding his house was broke into and everything was stolen. Absolutely everything. He has a wife and two children. He shared his story and it was heartbreaking. He tried to commit suicide after that happened and even tried to burn the house down with himself inside. His pastor called and simply told him, God loves him. It was enough to keep his life. So being the body of Christ we took up an offering for him. Would you know, that the first person to volunteer was Byron, the guy from the movie. It was amazing. After discipleship class we went out to eat, and were able to share what God was doing with staff from the restaurant. He was so moved by Stevens story, that he donated his entire days tips to Steven. His family, also needed the money but he gave it to Steven’s family inspite of his families needs. That is being the body of Christ.

STEVENS SONS HEALING MIRACLE: Steven’s son fell ill just a few hours after the thieves tried to break into his house. He spoke life to the thieves and made peace with them. Then a call came that his son had fallen ill, lying there as if he was dead. He had the thought to rush there but it was late. Then he remembered what he had learned in discipleship class, about who our God is, who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is and who he is, in Christ. The authority he as in Christ over sickness. So he had the person hold the phone to his sons ear and he prayed like one and a half hours and his son was healed. God is who He says He is. He is our healer! The shield of faith will put out every fiery dart that the evil one sends. Miracles!

BAPTISM MIRACLES: As we taught the word of God as it is written in the bible, hearts were convicted. Five people entered into the body of Christ, and were compelled by the Holy Spirit, to be baptized by the baptism of repentance by water. It was such a beautiful time watching them realize the love God has for them and their hearts desire to be in Christ.

TWO MARRIAGES SAVED MIRACLE: Charles confessed his extramarital affair to his family and to us the day of his baptism. He is changed, he is in Christ, died to self, alive in Christ, the old is gone the new has come. His wife forgave him just hours later and was committed to seeing their marriage heal. Just two days later a family came to Charles and his wife, broken. The husband had sent the wife away because it seemed as though there was no hope.

SHARON GETS HER SUGAR MIRACLE: Sharon, a mother, a wife, trying to make money to keep her kids in school, which is very expensive here. She wasn’t able to pay the fees in total, and couldn’t afford to bring sugar, soap and other items that she needed. She was going to go look for a job and not come to discipleship class but she said God spoke to her and told her she needed to come. So she keeps attending the classes. She went to the school, because they sent her daughter home because fees weren’t paid, and when she got there, the school apologized for sending her daughter home and told her if she just pays little by little they won’t send her daughter home again. Grace. Mercy. Gods love. Gods provision. The next day as she walked to study, her friend asked her to come by her house in the evening. When she got there, her friend gave her two bags of sugar. The miracle, she had three bags and was only needing two more! God provided in an amazing way. Miracle 2 Miracle. Faith 2 Faith.

ACCIDENT REVEALED BY GODS GRACE MIRACLE: There was a man who drank to much and drove into our wall of our compound and ran over our signpost we had made. We had no idea who did it. But God. As one of ladies was coming to bible study, she overheard someone talking about the accident and trying to cover it up, and she saw the car that hit the wall. So we are now able to process the damages with the person and we pray that we can get reimbursed for the damages caused by the incident. God sees all things and we praise Him for revealing what happened at the perfect time with someone who is close to us. He is ever faithful.

SPEAKER MIRACLE: We needed to import a speaker for our outreach movie night the end of January. God our provider did it again and laid it on the heart of some individuals to donate funds to us in December which gave us the extra money we needed to purchase the speaker! God is so faithful. He hears our prayers and He moves on your behalf.

Miracle 2 Miracle, Faith 2 Faith.

Thank you for your love, support, prayers and giving. This is the fruit of your seeds that you have planted into Woven2Gether.

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2 thoughts on “Miracle 2 Miracle, Faith 2 Faith

  1. So many amazing things are happening, as they should be when we are obedient to the Lord. This encourages me to stop focusing on the details I am responsible for, that sometimes plague my mind and pray a lot more for God’s provision and protection. Thank you my faithful friends for your amazing testimonies.

    1. Thanks for letting us know how you are being impacted by what God is doing here. It is amazing to witness his forgiveness, grace, mercy, power, love and so much more each day. God Bless.

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