Woven2gether lost our first baby to abortion: the battle is real

Little did I know, that while I was in the capital shooting a video testimony about one of our mommas who chose life, one would be back in Gulu, aborting her child. In the middle of all of this, was another momma trying to cling to hope that she would be able to hold on until I returned from my trip. The battle is so real. God is always working, but so is the enemy.

When we walked in she refused to come out of the room. I slowly made my way in, to see her hiding behind a rack of clothes, crying so hard. My heart ached. I knew. The baby was gone. Guilt remained. I held her while she cried. This other momma who is seven months pregnant sat next to me on the bed while I held this broken girl. Now we would have to save her. Save her from taking her own life out of guilt for what she has done. It was too much for her. I just let her cry as she slowly told her story.

We had talked to this momma before I left. We were going to take her for an ultrasound before I left but the scheduling didn’t work out with the auntie. I have so many questions. So many what if’s. My heart, shattered in a million pieces.

I was sitting at a restaurant walking one of our expectant mommas through bible study, you can read about her story, in the previous blog, when we got a phone call from an auntie, that her niece who was suppose to have an ultra sound that evening was canceling it because she no longer wanted to keep the baby, she wanted to abort. My heart sank. We immediately left and went to see this young women.

I know that the devil will not relent. But we will keep pressing on and reaching mommas praying they chose life for them and their child. The ones we aren’t able to save, we will comfort and love those momma’s to Jesus where the weight of their sins can be relieved by the One who died for them and their sorrow. God loves them inspite of their mistakes.

A boy, who talked sweetly to her, convincing her he would be there forever. Well, he’s gone. His story, he sent money for her to have an abortion. She sent it back to him after we counseled her, when she decided to keep it. Then he sent it back with anger and threats of what he would do if she didn’t abort. She suffered silently to afraid to tell anyone. So one day, while I was away at the capital she bought the meds at local pharmacy (you can get any meds you want by just walking in to any pharmacy, its so dangerous). That night she took them and by morning the abortion had begun and there was no way to stop it, even though she knew she had made a mistake.

Please pray for this momma as she is so broken. We are praying against the spirit of suicide as she doesn’t know how to get away from this pain, she wants to run, but her pain will follow her. She has agreed to go through a post abortive biblical healing class. Please pray that God speaks to her and that she choses to give her life to the one who gave His life for her, Jesus.

Ephesians 6:12 “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

Please pray as we trust Gods leading on how to fight this battle here in Uganda. We are going to be working with the District health office to try to get the abortive medications removed from the all the local pharmacies. We will also be trying to close down the biggest abortion provider in northern Uganda. God has us and we will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves as we are called to do. We are hoping to get a billboard put up right infront of the abortion providers asking girls to contact Woven2Gether so we can try to intercept them before they have abortions.

Please pray for Gods favor, protection and blessing as we fight for the lives of these momma’s and their precious babies.

We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love, prayers and support. We couldn’t stay on the field without you!

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