baby #5 Saved! Yay God!

It was Friday I was running late for our trip to the capital to shoot a video testimony for a momma who chose life for her and her baby. We are going to use her testimony to try to reach other mothers facing unwanted pregnancies. As I was coming from the ATM I got a phone call. A worried friend. A girl was pregnant, 7+ months. She was suicidal. Either she was going to take the babies life, or both of their lives. She was not doing well. Not now God. I don’t have time. What am I going to do?…these were my thoughts.

Beautiful Momma who chose life for her and her baby! God is so good!

I got her phone number. I called my social worker asked her to meet with this beautiful girl and to listen to her and then speak life into her fears. She did. I was also able to talk to her and I asked her to wait until Monday, when I would be coming home from the capital, to meet with me before she made any decisions. She agreed! Thank you God!

I called her every night and every morning so she would know I was here. I was by her side. She wasn’t alone and I prayed with her and kept speaking Gods love over her and her child. God is good. She kept her promise and didn’t make any decisions while I was away.

We met on Tuesday. We talked and talked and she shared her heart, her pain. I felt her. These women here have very hard roads. The fathers, send money, demand abortions. These women are pressured to abort or to raise the kid alone. She didn’t abort, he left. They don’t speak. She didn’t know what to do. I loved her the moment I met her because Jesus loves her.

After talking and reassuring her she wasn’t alone and that God would be with her every step of the way, and so would we.


She hasn’t told her mom yet. She is scared. What will she think? How will she react? So many girls are chased away when they get pregnant and the families disown them. She was so worried about what her mom would say and do. She only had one other sister, who died from sickness about 15 years ago. Her father passed away 10 years ago. She only has her mother. So it was a very difficult place for her to be in.

I offered to call and talk to her mom for her. She accepted the offer. That night I dialed her number and we talked for a bit and then I told her that her daughter was pregnant and not just pregnant, but seven months pregnant. Her mom couldn’t believe it. Her response:


I stopped talking. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I prayed for her, for Gods grace, for a softened heart. Yet, I am not sure I was fully expecting God to answer that way, at least, I must not have been because I was shocked. She told me to tell her daughter to not do anything to that baby that she should keep it. I was so overwhelmed by Gods love and goodness to this family and this new baby that He was bringing. Grandma is coming to visit from the village on Tuesday! I cannot wait to hug her and celebrate her becoming a jaja (grandma)!

We are now walking momma through pregnancy awareness classes and bible study. She is excited to learn Gods word and about His love for her.

We took her for an ultrasound scan and she got to see her little one for the very first time. Her heart was overwhelmed. The little heartbeat was fluttering so fast. She just smiled as she watched. She is having a little boy. We surprised her with an outfit the next day, to match the gender. Then we announced to her what she is having! She is such a happy momma.

We are walking this road with her now. We are gonna stand by her and make sure she has what she needs because that is what Jesus would do. Please pray for her and for her little one as they approach his arrival. The due date is July 11th. We are anxiously awaiting his arrival!

Thank you for your prayers for the momma, baby and jaja and for loving them. We are Gods love extended to those around us. So thank you for praying for them, and lifting them up. God is so good!

Enjoy the video below of Mercy finding out she is having a baby boy! God is so good!

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