This is about Nelson. 25 years. Thief. Drunk. On the run. Until now. Until God stepped into his love to love him like only God could do.

Nelson unconscious

I was driving to the store. I saw this young man, limping, dirty, blooding coming down his head, crying, lifting one leg to stride the other basically dragging behind. I was immediately convicted by God to help him. God had been working on my heart all week, since church the past Sunday, where I walked past a girl who was what they call “mad” then proceeded to enter into a time of worship, or should I say non-worship for me. God sat me down and had a conversation with me about how as a church we can sing about Him setting people free but we aren’t vessels willing to be used to actually set those people free. We ALL walked by this girl that day, and sang about a Jesus that came to set people free but left her bound as we walked past her, out of church. I knew I had to hear the message God was sending me. Nelson. He was my test. I am listening. Will I do more than sing Jesus sets free?

So I stopped and got some help from some local motorcycle taxi drivers. By the time the help came, he was unconscious on the side of the road. Broken. Bleeding. Drunk. Passed out. Needing Jesus. We put him in the car, well okay, we drug him into the car. Three hospitals later he was resting in a bed for the night.

In the morning we brought breakfast to him. He ate like he had never eaten before. I just prayed He would know God loved him. The night before the Dr. attending him, made the insinuation that Nelson was wasting a bed for someone who really needed it. He was just a drunk and would sober up and be fine in the morning. I had something to say. I always seem to have something to say. I told the Doctor God loves Nelson. He died for Him. He needs to know that God has other plans for His life. Maybe if he sees there is hope he wont be like this. The Doctor listened. Then he said, “This may be the moment that changes this boys life.” IT WAS!!!!

THE BATTLE RAGES: Nelson hasn’t been the same since. He went to live with His auntie and he is doing great. That very day that his auntie opened her home to Nelson, she was attacked, by the enemy. Someone stole her purse from the market where she sells produce. All she had was in there. The devil wasn’t going to let go so easily but God had a plan in place already. Here if that happens, Nelson would be considered cursed and sent back to the streets. NOT THIS TIME!

Nelsons Blanket

I posted a prayer request for this family as we tried to figure out how to help them. Then a beautiful family offered to donate the money back to them. God redeems what the devil steals. We found out that the auntie didn’t have money to buy him a blanket so this family requested, out of the money they sent that they would purchase a blanket for Nelson. They did!

We have now started bible study with their family. It is so great, what God is doing. Nelson runs to us every time he sees us, with the best smile and warmest hugs. After study the Auntie gave an amazing testimony. Nelson’s family rejected him, disowned, him and no one would help him anymore, because he wouldn’t change. They deemed him forever lost. NOT TODAY! Auntie said the family has all come back and received him again. She said they can’t believe that this is really him and praise God for the miracle that He has done in Nelson’s life.

Nelson not even 24 hours after we found him!

Nelson and his uncle walked us back to our car. Nelson was just beaming. Then he shared about the change he is seeing in his family. That they are back loving and supporting him. They have all returned to his life. He was praising God. He said to me, ‘Auntie, I am never going back to that life’. You know what. I believe him. I believe he has been redeemed by Gods love.

God shows his love to others through us. We must go to those whom he loves and love them like Jesus would, in all their brokenness and mess so they can see that God loves them even there, even before they have it together. Go and be his hands, his heart and his voice to everyone. Thank you to those who prayed, and to the family that extended your hand to be the vessel that God used to show Nelson and his family that God loves them and sees them and will take care of them. That moment changed their lives forever and validated in their hearts that God truly will take care of them! God Bless you all for helping this family.

Nelson is a walking testimony of what Gods love can do in just a few moments in someones life. He went from dead to alive in just hours. We praise the God who heals the sick and seeks the lost!

This is the moment we were sharing with them that a family had donated they money back to them. They were so overjoyed!

Nelson Found out he was getting a blanket!!!

This is what God’s love can do to those whom it is given! Go love! Change the world with love!

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