Gods word is enough

I was walking down town road the other day and we ran into someone we knew. We talked about the Ministry and our bible study and the work that God will be having us do. I mentioned that we are using Gods word to lead people to freedom and I explained that I believe thats all one needs. This person said, “the bible is good but you need more than that”. I thought to myself, “No you don’t”.

God taught me years ago with our Blast and Truth Hunters Kids discipleship programs that His word was enough. We would have kids begging for more bible time, even in the place of game time or snack time. Kids would cry when the year was over and they had to take a break. Parents so excited that their kids could not only understand the bible but they would get in the car and share the whole way home what they had learned. THE WORD WAS ENOUGH! God had asked me to trust Him that if I would just share His word it would prove to me more than enough for everyone that would be willing to receive it. HE WAS SO RIGHT!

I am now teaching discipleship classes hear in Uganda. Just the word of God. No program, no fancy anything just Gods word in plain language, verse by verse, story by story, in chronological order so they understand the story, the different plots that are happening at the same time. Gods plan, and satans plan to derail Gods plan. They can already, 13 lessons in, know what God will do based on who He is and what He has said.

Women’s Group Worshipping

They go home and share what they have learned with their families, neighbors and parents. They talk all the way home about what they have learned and how amazing Gods word is. They meditate on it all day and we talk about it all week. They laugh and they cry at Gods word.

They are learning to pray scripture, how to take every thought captive, how to see the bible clearly and how to study it for themselves. God is moving mountains, families are coming together, peace and joy are flooding their hearts.

They are saying things like, “I thought i knew Gods word, I thought I knew God, but i didn’t know hardly anything.”, “the bible is so deep, endless revelation”, “I never knew we could know God like this.”, “I wish we had nothing to do so we could study til midday then break to eat so we could just keep studying all the time.” “I shared this lesson with my mom, she was so moved that we talked about it for 5 hours and she just wept at how much God loves us.” “It is amazing how much God really loves us that He would put this plan into place and see every detail of it come to pass.” The comments are endless. The joy uncontainable. The hope will change their lives and everyone whom they touch.”

God is on the move! Lives are being transformed as the revelation of who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are and it is going to be contagious, wait it already is.

I was able to teach in a church last week with a group of women. I spent three hours on wednesday teaching them a few lessons of our discipleship class. They are Berean’s and wanted to make sure I was teaching the real word of God. I am so proud of them for that. So they welcomed me the first day. By the time we were one hour into it, the pastors wife was already asking if I could come back on Friday to teach them again. And so I did.

Good Friday, I went to my new volunteers house to do our morning devotional. Her mom wanted to join us. So we went to Jaja’s house. She had a few other family members there, totally 7. We shared the word not for the 30 minutes that were intended but for three hours. Hearts melted, eyes were open, and emotions were so overwhelmed as we taught the sacrafice of Christ through our discipleship class. Then from there I proceeded to the church where we sat in Gods word for four more hours. Walking through bible stories that fortold the death of Christ, and let that right into the death of our Saviour. God is so good!

God wants us to know Him. He wants to take us to the deep places of His heart. He wants to reveal the secret things to His children. We just need to ask for Him to reveal it and to take us to the deep. He will. He says, ask and keep on asking and it WILL be given to you. Knock and keep on knock and the door WILL be open to you. Seek and keep on seeking and you WILL find. It isn’t that you may or may not, but you WILL!

He has proven over and over again, with every age group that HIS WORD IS ENOUGH! That is the miracle. That is what will heal every man, free everyone bound! Nothing but the word is truly needed. It is enough because GOD ALONE IS ENOUGH!

I am blessed beyond blessed to be entrusted with the Word of God, by my Father, to bring it to the nations. It is the most humbling thing God has allowed me to do. The journey came with, and comes with such sacrifice, that I find myself like Paul, suffering the loss of all things. Yet I know when I look back and even now, know, that what I am sacrificing for the gospel is nothing compared to what He sacrificed for me and I know that those losses are nothing compared to knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.

We know many will be saved, taught to share the gospel and it will go out from Gulu, Uganda like a wild fire! In Jesus Name!

The women Worshipping Before They Received the Word of God…what it will sound like before the throne when every tongue and tribe are worshipping together! Can you imagine the sound of it? I wept listening to them worship in their local tongue, imagining that very thing. I am so humbled to be used by God to bring the gospel to the nations! I am overwhelmed.

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