Lives SAVED!

It was a Sunday Evening. I was relaxing on the couch with a book and my computer. I decided to check my Facebook messages and notifications. I happen to look and see there were messages from on my WOVEN2GETHER Facebook page. I have never had messages on this page before. I clicked to open the messages and my heart skipped a beat. Fear. “I need help! Is anyone there! Please someone Help Me!” It was someone who needed help and their messages were sent over two days ago. I sent a prayer to heaven and asked God to protect them and I sent a message back, and I waited to see if I would hear from them. I continued to pray that God would lead me and this person and that we would be able to help them.

I got messages back from a girl who was faced with an unplanned pregnancy and was scared and believed abortion was her best option. I prayed as I communicated with her. Then we connected her with our team members in Uganda. They were able to counsel this amazing woman along with me and speak Gods truth and words of life into her. Over the next few weeks we were able to, by Gods grace and love, speak life into her and she began to see hope. Our team members went with her to talk to her mom and Gods grace fell. The gonna be Grandma was excited and that changed everything. The sweet momma chose life and went on to prepare for the arrival of her gift from God. His name, Miracle Heaven. A Banner raised high to the Lord!

With the help of a faithful donor we were able to purchase all birthing items she would need to safely deliver Miracle into this world. In Uganda you are required to bring the items for the birth that will be needed. So thank you to our donor who has made this birth safe and sanitary. We know God will bless you!

This sweet little guy was perfect when he was born and momma did a great job delivering him. We now have a very proud momma, and grandma and an amazing little guy that will grow up to love the Lord and spread hope and light wherever he goes.

We thank God for His intricate plan and how He weaves lives together. We are all connected more than we know. Love those He brings in your path for you have no idea the blessings He has in store for you and them!

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4 thoughts on “Lives SAVED!

  1. Wao………! WOVEN2GETHER. Every Vision has a purpose & the post look is great. Thanks for this GOSPEL & Saving the world. When you educate a boy, you educate an individual. But when you educate a girl you, educate a GENERATION. That’s why the grand mom was more happy & jubiliating because her spirit was revived to see a new generation. Thanks for sowiwing the seed. MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS WOVEN2GETHER. Regards, Jehoshaphat Opiro.

  2. Oooh WAO and congratulation for WOVEN2GETHER for saving the babies lives. Thats why i say your coming to Uganda is for a purpose. May through this organization children live be save FOREVER AMEN.


    Acheng Jennifer.

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